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We are passionate about the development of young people in Romania and we believe that all young people can succeed in life with an adequate support system.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring this support system closer to young people in Romania. We will facilitate the connection of high school students and students with successful Romanian professionals and entrepreneurs both from the country and from the diaspora. The aim is to accelerate their personal and professional development and to create a culture based on the exchange of expertise, collaboration and innovation.


Mentoring is a powerful tool for the development of the next generation in any society, accelerating the learning curve of professionals, while giving companies the opportunity to develop and retain talent. It is a win - win context for mentors and mentees.

diamond.png was born from our desire to offer young Romanians access to high quality mentors, the most important ingredient for a healthy, innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem. By developing our young people, we help Romania to prosper.


At the maximum potential, we believe that this project can reach thousands of young people from all over Romania in 1: 1 mentoring programs, but also professional workshops in schools and universities. This will allow young people to understand the requirements of the professional environment, motivate them and give them a perspective on their possible future, which they would not otherwise have. In the end, mentees will become mentors, dropout rates will decrease, and Romanian society will benefit. Incredibly ambitious - we know!


Studies show that people who have worked with mentors are more dedicated to their profession and career than those who have never had a mentor.

People who have been mentored often have higher salaries, higher performance, are promoted more easily, and have faster career advancement.

People who have been mentored have increased satisfaction in their careers


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