Frequent questions

  01   What is "My Mentor"?
My mentor aims to enhance the employability of mentees and support them in building a professional network, giving them access to knowledge, experience and expertise of someone who works in a field that interests them.




02   How many meetings will I have with the mentor / mentee?
For an advantageous experience, we recommend at least 6 sessions (45-60 min per session / month).




  03   Where and how can I meet my mentor / mentor?


The meetings will only take place online in 2020 via Skype / Zoom. Depending on how your current situation (Covid19) in 2021 evolves, the opportunity to meet face to face can be considered (if you are in the same city) and both parties agree on a meeting in person.




04   What information will I receive about my mentor?


Prior to the first meeting, you will receive the contact details of your mentor and a summary of their professional experience.




05 What information will the mentor have about me?


Prior to the first meeting, we will send your contact details to the mentor, what you are studying and a short summary about you completed during the registration.




06 Will my mentor have professional experience in the field of my choice?


We will make possible mentor to have experience in your chosen area of study, but where this is not possible, we will try to allocate you a mentor with professional experience as close to the subject and chosen field.




07 Is there any financial benefit in this program / will I receive money?


Participation in this program is voluntary and no payment will be offered to you or to your mentor/mentee.




08 How can I register?
To get started, simply fill out the registration form .