Get to know the team behind this initiative



Amalia Sauan


* Producer of enthusiasm and goodwill *

Amalia is the Producer of enthusiasm and goodwill 😊

Amalia joined the team in 2019 with the desire to make a positive impact on the community. She is always happy to promote our projects and civic events but especially to get involved and make sure we never run out of enthusiasm in the middle of a project.

Amalia strongly believes in the benefits that My Mentor can bring to the next generation. She she manages feedback and marketing (ps if anything makes you unhappy during the program you can write to Amalia)

When she's not working, volunteering or playing sports, Amalia is trying new dessert recipes for her dream of opening her own pancake house :)


Irina Naiman


* The master of words *

Irina is the Master of words.


She has compiled our guide and never stops talking to everyone about the "My Mentor" project.


Looking for strategic partnerships, Irina makes sure that this project does not miss the opportunities to expand its horizons.
Passionate about helping her peers, Irina uses her free time to volunteer.


She also enjoys visiting art museums, practicing Yoga or running to catch the train

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Ștefan Bălan


* Interrogator and advertiser *

Stefan is taking his first steps in volunteering, but he feels ready for this challenge.


He deals with the questioning of future participants. He is very excited to support the development of new generations through the My Mentor program. Along with Amalia, he is responsible for promoting the project online.

Stefan is the joke of the group, always with a smile on his face. A lover of sports, he spends his free time going to the gym, playing basketball and cycling in nature. He also likes to do culinary experiments, being an incurable gourmet.


Mihaela Bălănescu

* Data guard *

Always attentive to details, Mihaela is the one who makes sure that your data is safe.

With an experience of more than 10 years in volunteering, Mihaela is always looking to have a positive contribution for those around her. He joined the team in 2019, being one of the brains behind the #DeDataAstaVotez campaign.

She strongly believes that only through our involvement, of ordinary citizens, can we change Romania for the better, and My Mentor is one of her favorite projects because through it we help the young Romanians, the leaders of tomorrow.

When she is not working or volunteering, Mihaela enjoys nature walks, good books or Krav Maga.


Sandy Florea

* International Agent *

With a 360-degree vision, Sandy will ensure effective communication nationally and internationally.


She defines herself as a conservative of traditions, and after migrating through foreign countries, she is determined to dedicate herself to the projects that support today's and tomorrow's generation in Romania.


Sandy is a dreamer, and in her free time, she flirts with Latin and Oriental dances.


Corina Kaiser

* The visionary *

Corina has 10 years of experience in investing in financial institutions. She studied economics in Vienna and New York, currently serves as Senior Vice President and has spent her career at Citibank, Goldman Sachs, AT Kearney, Rocket Internet and Bawag Group.

Corina dedicates her free time to the group of volunteers she founded with friends, and with whom she carries out projects with impact for the benefit of Romania and the Romanian community.

Florin Popa

* The Negotiator*


Victor N. Rusu
* Ambassador of Fun *

Florin joined the initiative in 2020. As a result of his experience as both mentor and mentee, he is a strong supporter of mentorship. High school and university students can get help to reach informed decisions for the challenges they are facing and at same time navigate through the hurdles and ambiguity specific to any beginning.

In ''real life'' Florin is a negotiator for a global energy company. He is passionate about public speaking, public policy and tennis and can't wait to travel again.